Dakota County Historical Society

Dakota County Historical Society‘s mission is to preserve, restore, and maintain historical sites in Dakota County and the state of Nebraska. They will use their grant towards the restoration of the O’Connor House in Homer, NE (pictured above). The O’Connor house is a 1870s mansion with historic relics. The grant will help with repair projects to ensure continued use of the site for future generations.

Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation

The Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation preserves and promotes the life and works of Bess Streeter Aldrich and promotes educational opportunities for reading and writing. Bess Streeter Aldrich was one of Nebraska’s most widely read authors. The foundation’s grant was used to develop a curriculum for teachers to use alongside A Lantern In Her Hand, a novel by Aldrich that outlines the classic story of Nebraska pioneer women.

Seven Valleys Historical Society

Seven Valleys Historical Society is located in Callaway and is responsible for three buildings: the first Custer County Courthouse, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, and the jail. With all three buildings being over 100 years old, they need work done to maintain historical preservation. Seven Valleys Historical Society will use their grant towards repairing the log-cabin Courthouse.

Fairmont Public Library

Fairmont Public Library is located in Fillmore County. They will use their grant to digitize two historical books: Fairmont Centennial printed in 1973 and an updated version of the same book published in 1998 for the 125th Anniversary. The books are no longer in print but are filled with useful history of the area and citizens. By digitizing these books, this information will be easily available on Fairmont Public Library’s website.

Wayne County Historical Society

Wayne County Historical Society is located in Wayne. They will use their grant to raise membership and awareness in the community in order to fundraise for building repairs. Wayne County Historical Society plans to work with local schools to increase support and interest.

Thomas County Historical Society

Thomas County Historical Society is located in Thedford. The museum has many years worth of Thomas County Herald newspapers and only a few of those have been microfilmed. Their grant will be used to digitize the newspaper archives. The TCHS building, above, was given to TCHS by a local family who were long-time residents of Thedford.

Indianola Public Library

Indianola Public Library is located in Red Willow county. They will use their grant to purchase wider shelving for their many local historical documents like bound newspapers, scrapbooks, and yearbooks. These documents are currently being stored on narrow shelving which is putting pressure on the binding. Purchasing new shelving that is specifically designed for books and documents will prevent further damage.

Custer County Historical Society

Custer County Historical Society is located in Broken Bow. They will use their grant to scan old papers and archive them for historical research and genealogy, including Record Books and papers from several local cemetery boards. The grant will also be used to set up more shelving in the Research Center at the Custer County Museum, and to hire high school students for a summer internship to work on these projects and several others.

Hemingford Public Library

Hemingford Public Library is located in Box Butte County. Their grant will be used to purchase “Images of America” books pertaining to the state of Nebraska. “Images of America” books bring life to small town America through hundreds of vintage images and captions that depict the memories, people, places, and events that define a community. Hemingford Public Library currently has a few of these books on their shelves and will be able to add many more for their community to enjoy.

Lied Lincoln Township Library

Lied Lincoln Township Library is located in Knox County in Wausa. The village of Wausa does not have a museum or historical society so the library has become the place people bring their historical items. Their grant will be used for a wall unit and floor case to display these historical items and preserve them for future generations.