MATCHING GRANT AVAILABLE!  A new matching grant is in place for the first $250,000 of donations for Phase 2 of the Mural reinstallation project.  The match, provided by the Harbor of Dreams Foundation, will automatically be applied to donations.

New Home For Pershing Mural

The Pershing Mural Preservation Committee and the Board of Trustees – Wyuka Historic Cemetery, jointly have announced a plan to place the historic Pershing Mural in the newly planned Wyuka Park area.  Wyuka, encompassing approximately 100 acres between “O” and Vine Streets and nationally recognized as an historic site, has been a vital living piece of Nebraska and Lincoln’s history since its founding in the mid-19th century.  It is considered a magnificent example of landscape architecture and design featuring statuary art and monumental architecture, the Nebraska State Holocaust Memorial, and historic tributes to Lincoln families, Civil War veterans, and ordinary citizens.  Wyuka was Lincoln’s first public park and the Trustees are excited to re-establish it and incorporate the Mural.

In this setting, the Mural’s 763,000 earth-toned tiles will each be visible elements of the massive 38′ x 140′ mural.  The Mural depicts – literally and symbolically – our state’s cultural interests, diversity, and topography.  When created in 1957, it was the largest Mural of its kind in the Western hemisphere. 

Fundraising will now begin for Phase 2, to raise $2 million for restoring and reinstalling the Mural, which includes a 10% endowment for maintenance and insurance.  Tax-deductible donations can be made online to the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation or by sending a check to the NSHSF (noting Pershing Mural in the memo line) to 1201 Lincoln Mall, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE  68505.  

The NSHSF is serving as a repository for donations received for the project. For more information or to get involved, contact:
Liz Shea McCoy
“Wyuka Cemetery is Lincoln’s first cemetery, established in 1869 based on principles of the Rural Cemetery movement. Whereas prior to this decade cemeteries were often crowded, unhealthy places within the city, the Rural Cemetery approach encouraged design in open, rural spaces with winding, walkable roads and scenic landscaping for the public to enjoy in a park-like atmosphere. Wyuka Cemetery was at the forefront of this movement and these principles, which still guide its development today. In 1982 Wyuka received a designation from the National Register of Historic Places for its beautiful rural cemetery form. With this historical context in mind, we could not think of a more appropriate place for the Pershing mural than the Wyuka Cemetery grounds. The mural itself is a depiction of Nebraska recreation and pastime. With Wyuka’s winding paths, large trees, a pond, and plans for a handicap-friendly playground and Lincoln Bike Trail connection in the next few years, the Pershing mural will be the perfect backdrop for family gatherings, picnics, walkers, bikers and other recreation, while honoring generations of Nebraskans who gathered under the same context at the Pershing Auditorium. We are excited to see how the Pershing Mural and other developments at Wyuka bring together more Nebraskans for gatherings, celebration and recreation, as Wyuka was intended, in the coming years."
Liz Shea-McCoy

We are counting on support from this fundraising campaign to preserve this magnificent mural to be displayed for future generations of Nebraskans to enjoy. You can make a donation online at the secure links below, or by mailing to the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation (1201 Lincoln Mall, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68508), noting Pershing Mural Preservation Project in the ‘Memo’ line of the check.