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“Ho for Lincoln! The Promises and Perils of Black Mobility in the Great Plains” presented by Jeannette Jones, NU Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies

(re-scheduled from February 21)

African American migration to the Great Plains during the nineteenth century transformed the social, political, economic, and cultural landscape of the American West. These black migrants, many who were born into slavery, viewed the Great Plains as a potential site for their economic self-determination and political empowerment. As Jim Crow laws became an indelible feature of Black Southern experiences, states like Nebraska appealed to many African Americans, some of settled in cities like Omaha and Lincoln and other who chose to remain farmers, homesteading in Cherry County. This talk will explore the promises and perils of Nebraska as a site for Black mobility in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (1877-1919).

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“Louise Vinciquerra: Nebraska’s Bootlegger Queen” presented by Kylie Kinley, historian

If you like strong, independent women, booze, fast cars, and gun fights, this talk is for you. If you don’t, you’ll probably be bored. Join Kylie Kinley for an in-depth exploration into the life of Louise Vinciquerra, who ran a state-wide liquor ring in Nebraska during Prohibition with the instincts of a savvy business person and the ruthlessness of a criminal mastermind.

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“John Johnson, Artist of Black & White” presented by Ed Zimmer, historian

John Johnson (1879-1953) was a Lincoln native, Lincoln High School graduate, and early Cornhusker football player.  He worked as a drayman, janitor, teamster and laborer—the typical occupations available to African-American men in early 20th century Lincoln.  In the middle years of his life, from about 1910 until the mid-1920s, he was also a prolific and talented photographer, creating a beautiful and unique pictorial record of his hometown and especially of Lincoln’s African-American community.  Zimmer’s presentation will explore the art and the history of Johnson the photographer.

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Thomas Rogers Kimball, 2019 Nebraska Hall of Fame Inductee

Thomas Rogers Kimball is perhaps the most unsung contributor to the creation of Nebraska’s National Landmark State Capitol. Capitol Administrator, Robert C. Ripley will present a program highlighting Kimball’s impact on the design of the Nebraska State Capitol. Kimball created the rules governing the design competition and advised the Nebraska Capitol Commission until the Capitol’s completion in 1932. His work enabled Nebraskans to achieve a modern architectural wonder. Ripley will also highlight other aspects of Kimball’s long architectural career in Nebraska and the nation.

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