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2021 Statewide Grant Recipients

Seven Valleys Historical Society

Seven Valleys Historical Society is located in Callaway and is responsible for three buildings: the first Custer County Courthouse, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, and the jail. With all three buildings being over 100 years old, they need work done to maintain historical preservation. Seven Valleys Historical Society will use their grant towards repairing the log-cabin Courthouse.

Fairmont Public Library

Fairmont Public Library is located in Fillmore County. They will use their grant to digitize two historical books: Fairmont Centennial printed in 1973 and an updated version of the same book published in 1998 for the 125th Anniversary. The books are no longer in print but are filled with useful history of the area and citizens. By digitizing these books, this information will be easily available on Fairmont Public Library’s website.

Wayne County Historical Society

Wayne County Historical Society is located in Wayne. They will use their grant to raise membership and awareness in the community in order to fundraise for building repairs. Wayne County Historical Society plans to work with local schools to increase support and interest.

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