Donors to Nebraska Marker Project

Dee Adams
Caroline Allen
Margaret Allington
Brian and Janet Allison
Dana Amelle-Miles
Lafe Anderson
Ralph Anderson
Roy Anderson
Jane Andrew
Nicholas Arneson
John Atkins
Anne and Clarence Baden
Sam Baird
Ronald and Rose Baker
F. L. and Betty Balderson
Jeff and Susan Barnes
Stanley and Cynthia Barnes
Robert and Helen Bartee
Michael Bartels
Rod and Debbie Basler
Edward Bates
Rod and Robin Bates
Bruce and Lizabeth Bavitz
Allen and Linda Beermann
Dennis and Karen Beeson
Clayton Bejot
David and Eileen Beman
Carrie Bence
Todd Berens
Bernard Berger
Marcia Bergmeyer
Annette Bloomquist
Catherine Blount
Leslie Boesen
Sharon Bohling
Tyler and Jodi Bowley
David Boyer
Twila Bray
Eric Briggs
Rae Brown
Brownville Historical Society
Dave Burden
Robert and Elizabeth Burns
John Bush
Richard and Cherrie Callaway
Jack and Sally Campbell
Barbara Carlson
Audrey Cassel
Robert Cherny
Chlum Publishing
Roy Cline
Paul Coder
Glenn and Dixie Colson
William Colwell
Keith Conley
Paula Consbruck
Vernon Cook
Robert Cope
Alfio and Jeannine Cormaci
Fred and Jeannine Cormaci
Cornhusker Bank
Andrea Cox
Charles Craft
John and Sara Crook
Harl and Kay Dalstrom
Bob and Nancy Davis
Barbara DeBoer
Larry and Kathryn Decker
Ethel Dedering
John and Amy Dempsey
Robert and Tanis Diedrichs
Don Dillon
Dillon Foundation
Alice Dittman
Thomas and Patricia Doering
Duane and Carole Dorman
Brad Dunbar
Frank and Mary Dupuis
Don and Judy Dworak
Tony and Tam Dworak
Ralph Eatinger
Eugene Edwards
Jean Eisenhauer
Richard and Katherine Endacott
Rosemary Ervin
Carl and Janet Eskridge
Mark and Peg Evans
Exxon Mobil Foundation (Schild match)
Lorraine Fallesen
Marty and Leslie Fattig
William Fisher
Roger and Joyce Fitch
Steven and Nancy Flader
Jose and Linda Flores
Marilyn Forke
Kathleen Fowles
Levi Franklin
Douglas Frels
Frontier County Historical Society
John and Carol Gale
Mildred Gardner
Dave and Deb Geis
Carol Gendler
Jared and Kristine Gerber
Gregory Gerke
David and Hanna Gradwohl
Alyce Green
William Grewcock
Jerry and Susan Hanes
Susan Hansen
Larry and Carol Hardesty
David Harding
Robert and Joyce Harlow
John Haslam
Mary Jo Havlicek
Butch and Dobey Haws
Stacey Hawkey
Nadine Heath
Paul and Lynda Heiden
Linda Hein
Loree Hendrickson
Fred Henninger
Neal and Beth Hentzen
Charles and Margaret Hermes
Sharon Hersemann
B. Keith and Norma Heuermann Foundation
Scott and Julie Hielen
Donna Hinkley
Roger and Janet Hirsch
James and Linda Hoke
Bill Holland
Dan and Alice Holtz
Hooker County Historical Society
Glenis Hopp
Margaret Horvath
Norm and Barb How
Jerry and Lois Idt
Art and Katherine Iworsley
William and Constance Jacobsen
Mary Jarboe
Andrew Macoidh Jergens
Marlene Johnson
Susan Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Charlie Jones
Larry Juul
Kenneth Kailey
Ronald and Debra Kallenbach
Patrick and Norma Kasson
Dianne Kennedy
Todd Knispel
Virginia Knoll
Dean and Joan Kocina
Dennis and Susan Kohlhof
Paul and Marcella Konig
Kathleen Korinek and Travis Wagner
Judy Krasomil
Mary Beth Kriskey
John and Syd Kruse
Krutsinger Family Foundation Inc.
Reginald Kuhn
Diane Laffin
Theresa Langan
Mary Langhorst
Russell and Patricia Leiding
Pat Linder
Janice Lipovsky
David Lockwood
LeRoy and SharonAnn Louden
Joe Loudon
Adelaide Lowe
Rex and Patricia Lucke
Roland Lynch
Jack and Carol Maddux
Stew Magnuson
Douglas Marsh
William and Ann Marsh
Martin Family Trust
Martin and Ruth Massengale
Carol Matschullat
Stan Matzke
Ron and Mary Ann May-Pumphrey
Don and Donna McClure
Jane McConkey
Carol McDermitt
Pamela McGovern-Joy
M.T. and R.T. McGuire
Jerry and Jolene McInnis
Jim McKee and Linda Hillegass
Catherine McKiddy
Jeffrey Meade
Cris Hay-Merchant
Leroy and Carman Merritt
Dennis and Joanne Mihelich
James Miller
Marcella and Mary Miller
Stephen and Sanah Miller
Paula Missing
Marlene Mullen
John and Linda Munn
Nature Photography
James Nau
Nebraska Farm Bureau Services
Nebraska 150 Foundation
Nebraska Press Association
Conrad and Lucille Nelson
Marshall and Connie Nelson
George and Eva Neubert
Diana Nevins
Nextera Energy Resources
Danny Nichols
Phillip and Debbie Nielsen
Michael Nolan
NuStyle Development Corporation
Fred and Sharon Ohmberger
Jorn and Mary Olsen
Robert and Connie Olsen
Marlene Orr
Jack, Pam, Justin and Alison Osborne
Otoe Chapter DAR
Darlene Oughtred
Lorranie Fallesen
Pawnee County Promotional Network
John and Mary Kay Peck
Donald Pederson
Sheppard and Marlene Perkins
Christian Petersen
Gary and Allison Petersen
L. Dena Petersen
Thomas and Juanita Phillips
Kennard and Beverley Pohlman
Phillip Pollock
Tyson Poskochil
John and Kathy Post
John and Virginia Post
Bill and Linda Pratt
Vicki Pratt
Jack Preston and Nancy Haney
David and Janet Quitmeyer
Mary Rachetto
Dennis Rasmussen
Neal Ratzlaff
John Refshauge and Susan Spence
Ken Rendell
Emil and Chloe Reutzel
Paul and Susan Rice
Bruce and Sandra Rippeteau
Fran Smith Roemar
Carl and Jane Rohman
Robert and Jean Roberts
Lynn Roper
Eric and Deborah Rosenlof
Ted and Jenny Susan Rudberg
Molly Rundle
Peggy Rupprecht
Kathleen Rutledge
Rob Sabata
Mark Sandell
Charles Sanderson
Donald and Norma Schaufelberger
Wayne and Darlene Schild
John Schleicher
Patrick and Brenda Schmid
Dave and Trixie Schmidt
Ernst Schnabl
Donald and Janice Schnier
Kenneth and Ruth Anne Schoen
Julie Schroeder
Ronald Andersen and Susan Schuckert
Frank and Lucille Schultz
Jacob Schultz
John and Kay Schurr
Rhonda Seacrest
Harlan and Bonnie Seyfer
Bob and Carman Shively
Frank and Shirley Sibert
Frank and Ann Sidles
Marianne Simmons
Rex and Gale Simmons
Bruce and Prudence Skinner
Ted and Jean Slagle
Larry and Margaret Small
Larry and Patricia Smidt
Amy Smith
Del and Linda Smith
Robert and Nancy Sorensen
Beth Sparrow
Richard and Elizabeth Sposato
Joe Stehlik
Gerald Steinacher
Milan Steube
John and Gloria Strope
Ruth Sughroue
Andrew Sullivan
Dennis Swanson
Jim and Linda Swenson
Duane Tappe
Steven and Janis Thelen
Dwight and Kelley Thiemann
Pamela Thomsen
Robert and Maureen Toy
Patricia Trembly
Edward and Sue Tricker
Charles Trimble
Tina Tyler
Bodo and Kathy Treu
Mark Vangan
Sally Van Zandt
Jerry and Mary Vaughan
John and Mary Vihstadt
John and Jean Vincent
Roger and Jeanene Wehrbein
Elaine Werner
Jack and Anna Wightman
John and Janet Wightman
Robert and Deborah Wigton
Stuart Wiley
Joy Wilson
Curtis Wolbert
Gayle Woodruff
Nicholas Woodward
Eugene Woznick
John Wunder
Al Wunderlich
Lawrence Yoble
Birgit Young
Matt Zalman
Randa Zalman

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