The Nebraska Marker Project

historical-marker002Nebraska’s historical markers are memos to the future. More than 500 markers are scattered across our state, chronicling for travelers and generations-to-come the stories of the people, places, and events that made Nebraska.

Although meant to be permanent, the markers are worn down by weather, hit and damaged by vehicles, and defaced by vandals. The Nebraska State Historical Society maintains the markers, but state funds are not always available to fix them.

You can help sustain these links to our past by donating to the Nebraska Marker Project. Your contribution finances the repair, repainting and – when necessary – the recasting of damaged markers.

historic-marker-with-graffitiYour donation of any size will make a difference. Please make a contribution today using one of the links below.

Donate $ 10.00 – Donor
Donate $ 25.00 – Friend
Donate $ 50.00 – Associate
Donate $100.00 – Sponsor
Donate $250.00 – Patron
Donate $500.00 – Benefactor