The Centennial Mall Legacy Tile Project

tile-examplePart of Nebraska’s Centennial Mall plan involves the placement of Legacy Tiles on the walkway. The Nebraska State Historical Society and the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation hope to purchase one of the 18″ x 36″ tiles, each of which cost $25,000.

Each tile will include a QR (Quick Response) chip, which can be scanned with a cell phone or tablet computer, resulting in the visitor landing on a web page with more information about the sponsor. This feature will help visitors to Nebraska’s capital learn about Nebraska’s fascinating history and the organizations that support the preservation, interpretation, and appreciation of that history!

Our tile will display the following message:

Since 1942 the Foundation has supported the mission of the Historical Society to preserve and open to all the histories of the peoples and places of Nebraska.  The Nebraska State Historical Society was founded in 1878.

Please donate to the Centennial Mall Legacy Tile Project via clicking on one of these links:

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