Keith County, NE
The parcel consists of 213.5 acres located near Roscoe, Nebraska. This historic land is the home of Fort Alkali and contains remnants of the fort. It was purchased from the Lute family in October, 2019 to preserve the site and its historical and archeological resources.

Alkali Station

Morrill County, NE 360 acres of pasture ground situated between the Abbott Visitor Center and Chimney Rock were purchased on November 15, 2018 from the Gordon Howard family. The goal of the purchase was, and is, to preserve the site and protect the view shed of the rock. Chimney Rock

Washington County, NE
Engineer Cantonment is located north of Omaha in the Ponca Hills area just inside Washington County and consists of 3.73 acres. This property was donated to the Foundation in 1985 by Gloria and Herb Gibreal of Omaha. It is on this property that Rob Bozell and Gayle Carlson of the History Nebraska (formerly Nebraska State Histocial Society) Archeology staff discovered the site where Major Stephen H. Long and a party of scientists wintered in 1819-20. The History Nebraska excavations of this site took place in 2003 and 2004.

Engineer Cantonment - 1

128 N. 13th Street, #1010, Lincoln, NE
In 1996, Col. Barney Oldfield and Vada Kinman Oldfield donated to the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation two condominiums – Unit 1010 in University Towers in Lincoln and a condo in Los Angeles, CA where they lived. After Barney’s death in 2003, the California condo was sold and the proceeds were used to establish the Kinman-Oldfield Endowment Fund designated for the care of the Kinman-Oldfield Suite. The Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation office relocated to the Kinman-Oldfield Suite in 2003.
Kinman-Oldfield condo NSHS Foundation office

230 S. 6th Street, Brownville, NE
The home of Governor Robert W. Furnas, Nebraska’s second governor and one of the founders of the Nebraska State Historical Society in 1878. The Furnas House, located in Brownville, NE, is a two-story brick structure placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. In 1986 Joe Seacrest undertook the task of raising money to purchase the house. As a result of his efforts, the Foundation received $38,210 in donations and was able to purchase the property in 1986 from Reverend James L. Stilwell, Jr. and Phyllis Stilwell of Lincoln for the amount of $41,700. The Brownville Fine Arts Association has been leasing the property from the Foundation since 1987.


Robert A. Furnas House

Webster County, NE
The Webster County Farm / Pike Pawnee site is located just south of Guide Rock, NE. This property was purchased by the Foundation in 1979 for $169,800 using funds received through bequests and matching federal funds. The primary goal of the Foundation in making the purchase was, and is, to preserve the site and its historical and archeological resources. The farm consists of 277 acres, comprised primarily of pasture. Two hundred acres were designated as a Registered National Historic Landmark, having been officially recognized as the site visited by Lt. Zebulon Pike in 1806 to confer with the Republican Band of Pawnee Indians.
Webster County Farm/Pike Pawnee Site

Clay County, Nebraska
The Gerlach Farm is located near Harvard, Nebraska. The owner, Dr. Don Gerlach, gifted the property, subject to a life estate, to the Foundation in September, 2017. The 161.11 acres was appraised at $1,327,000. Presently both the farm ground and building site are being leased to tenants.
Gerlach Farm