Art and artifacts have woven the tale of human history for thousands of years. Preserving art is one of the best steps we can take in ensuring Nebraska’s history and heritage. The Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center is a regional art conservation facility, part of History Nebraska, (formerly the Nebraska State Historical Society) committed to the preservation of art and artifacts.

Services of the Ford Conservation center are offered to private individuals, museums and libraries, corporations, and state and federal agencies. Objects, paintings and paper works can be examined and treated. Conservation assessments are available for collections as well as studies on the treatment needs of individual items. The team members of the Ford Conservation Center have years of specialized study, ongoing professional training and great experience in conservation.

Bringing artwork back to life

The passage of time can dull and conceal the beauty of once vibrant paintings. This was the case for a painting that came to the Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center to be restored.

Mounted Field Artillery Officers, painted by Edwin John Prittie in 1912, lost its vibrancy and color thanks to a discolored, oxidized layer of varnish. Excessive amounts of restoration paints had also covered the original painting underneath.

The Ford Center used their expertise in restoration to remove the discolored varnish and mismatched restoration paints from the painting. Once these discolorations were removed, the canvas was reinforced and small areas of the painting were retouched where needed.

You can read more about this restoration on the History Nebraska website.

Your Support Helps

Partial support of the Ford Conservation Center comes from gifts and bequests from Omaha businessman James M. Paxson to the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation.

Your donation to the Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center supports the preservation of treasured Nebraska art and artifacts for generations to come.