Initiative Three – Educational Services Endowment

Initiative One – Renovation of the Nebraska History Museum
Initiative Two – Expansion of Chimney Rock Visitors Center

History – both knowledge of the past and the practice of researching and making sense of what has happened in the past – is crucially important to the wellbeing of individuals and communities as well as the future of Nebraska and our entire nation. Meanwhile, the competition for public funds has led school districts to reduce the access of Nebraska’s schoolchildren to firsthand learning at historic sites and museums.

NSHS seeks to establish an endowment for educational services that would fund hands-on programming at the NHM, at NSHS historic sites, in partner museums and organizations, in classrooms by NHM educators, and through distance learning technology, all across Nebraska. Students, youth organizations, families, special needs populations, pre-service and in-service educators, and lifelong learners will all benefit from the history learning opportunities the endowment will support.

The cost of this Educational Services Endowment is $2,000,000.