Frequently Asked Questions about the Nebraska Marker Project

What is the Nebraska Marker Project?

Timed for Nebraska’s 150th anniversary of statehood, the Nebraska Marker Project is for the repainting, repair, or replacement of approximately 100 of the 513 state historical markers across the state during 2017. Toward that end, the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation is raising $80,000 for the Nebraska State Historical Society to achieve that goal.

For a full list of Nebraska’s Historical Markers please visit

What is the difference between the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation and the Nebraska State Historical Society?

The Nebraska State Historical Society (the Society) is the state agency established for the preservation, protection, and presentation of our state’s history and heritage. The Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation is a not-for-profit organization to help fund Society projects not covered by their state-allotted budget.

Can I donate to a specific marker?

Not through this program, as it is statewide in nature and is intended to raise funds for the Society-designated markers in the anniversary year. They alone determine which markers will receive attention in the program.

When will the markers be repaired/replaced?

By the conclusion of 2017, Nebraska’s 150th-anniversary year.

Who decides when a marker will get repaired?

Staff of the Nebraska State Historical Society will create the priority list for the markers, with all to be finished by year-end 2017.

How much does it cost to repair a marker?

Repairs can be costly. The Foundation has estimated that raising $500 to $700 for each marker, depending on the damage, will be necessary. To completely replace a traditional two-post sign, the cost is around $5,300.

If I know of a marker that needs to be repaired, who do I contact?

You can contact the Society or call the State Historic Preservation Office at (402) 471-4787.

Is this donation tax deductible?

Yes! You will receive notification of your donation along with tax deduction details.

What happens if you raise more funds than needed for the project?

Any funds raised in excess of this project’s needs will go toward a Society-directed marker maintenance fund. Given the number of existing markers (more than 500) and the Nebraska climate, there will always be a need to keep the markers maintained!

Who is accountable for the funds raised? Is there transparency?

The Foundation raises, holds, and transfers the funds to the Society with a full accounting of donors and amounts as required.

How do I donate on line? By check? Credit card? Money order?

Visit the Nebraska Marker Project page to make online donations and follow the prompts.

To donate by check or money order, send to:

Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation, Kinman-Oldfield Suite
128 N. 13th Ste 1010
Lincoln, NE 68508

100% of donations received will go toward repair.

Will I be able to get updates on the project?

The Foundation will make ongoing updates on its website, Facebook page, and newsletter.

How do I get a marker for an historic site in my town or county?

For new markers, contact the Society. Pending approval by the Society, requesting individuals and organizations are required to provide funding for the marker’s installation.

Who takes care of the marker sites? Mine needs attention.

It depends upon the location and sponsoring entity. The Nebraska Department of Roads handles the mowing around the markers on state highways, and a marker on a courthouse lawn would be maintained by county government, for examples. If a marker is damaged, the NSHS should be contacted to coordinate repair.