2017 Brown Bag History Forum Schedule

All Brown Bag History Forum presentations are held at noon on the third Thursday of each month in the auditorium of the Nebraska History Museum at 131 Centennial Mall North (15th & P), Lincoln.

January 19th
Rob Bozell, State archeologist, Nebraska State Historical Society and Shane Tucker, highway paleontologist, U. of Nebraska State Museum
Nebraska Fossils and People Before Written History
We begin the sesquicentennial celebration with a glimpse of the land, people and extinct animals from ancient Nebraska.

February 16th
Patrick Jones, NU professor
The African-American Experience in Nebraska: Artifacts from the Great Plains Black History Museum
With major reliance on artifacts from the Great Plains Black History Museum, the presenter will highlight the historical experiences of African-Americans across Nebraska, including those of homesteaders and cowboys.

March 16th
Todd A. Williams, artist
Beautiful Nebraska — Images of Our Land and Peoples
The artist will explain the history within the frames of many of the paintings he has made for all 93 Nebraska counties.

April 20th
Gerald Meyer, NE National Guard historian
Serving in the Nebraska National Guard
In serving Nebraska, members of the Nebraska National Guard serve America. This presentation will highlight the military service of select Nebraskans who have served in the Nebraska National Guard since 1854.

May 18th
John Schleicher, historian
Peopling the Prairie:  19th Century Immigration to Nebraska
How did many folks get to Nebraska in the latter half of the 19th century? How did the Homestead Act, the transcontinental railroad acts, and national immigration policies work together to bring 10’s of thousands of people to Nebraska?

June 15th
Gail Blankenau, genealogist
Take All to Nebraska – How They Came
We will explore the peoples who undertook a great migration into the heart of America, from Nebraska’s opening of settlement in the 1850’s, into the 20th century. These migration stories from a diverse group of families will bring new perspectives to our understanding of Nebraska life.

July 20th
Kelly Garcia, teacher, and students from Mullen High School
Struggles and Survival in the Sandhills
Topics include the blizzard of 1949, Halsey forest, Crazy Horse, and Then and Now to name a few. Through their videos, students will show how people lived in the Sandhills many years ago, and, perhaps, reenact a few scenes!

August 17th
Panel of Presenters
Creative Nebraskans
Lots of Nebraskans have shown how creative they are. And they have shown this creativity in a myriad of ways – music, art, cooking, philosophy, writing, hoarding, etc. Meet them through our stories.

September 21st
Jim McKee, historian
A Few Well Known Nebraskans You May Never Have Heard Of
It’s easy to know about many Nebraskans who made our State so wonderful. Here we will learn about Nebraskans who are famous outside Nebraska, but are not so famous to Nebraskans.

October 19th
Lissette Aliaga-Linares, professor, UNO and Thomas Sanchez, professor, UNO
Nebraskeños: How Latino Generations Continue Building Belonging in ‘the Good Life’ State
This presentation will combine demography and history to analyze the different scenarios for community building among the Hispanic/Latino population in Nebraska. It will focus on two time periods: 1940-1980 and 2000-2015, and will discuss the different social contexts that are giving rise to a new momentum for the Hispanic/Latino second generation.

November 16th
Nancy Gillis, historian
The Homestead Act and the Plains Tribes
Opening the Great Plains to settlement had far-reaching impacts on the Native tribes, both positive and negative. This program explores the changes in political and economic structures, gender roles, spiritual ways, and other cultural components both in the years prior to and following pivotal pieces of legislation in 1862 – the Homestead Act, transcontinental railroad acts, and the Morrill Land Grant Act.

December 21st
NSHS Staff Presenters
Meet Selected Members of the Nebraska Hall of Fame
There are 25 members of the Nebraska Hall of Fame. Each of these folks is honored with a bust in the Capitol. Here is the opportunity to meet these persons.